My name is Miranda. I have a weird way of doing things. Right now I’m going to tell you about my life and who I am. Really this blog is just because I realize I need to vent somehow without pissing someone off. I was born on April 19, 1991 to my single mother. She was 19. My mother gave me the world and more. She married my step dad (the man I’ll refer to as simply “dad” from this point on) when I was 3. I have a little brother and a little sister.

the 5 of us last year


Now that you have some background on me, I suppose I should talk about right now. I tried to go to college and failed out because I didn’t exactly try. I was living in Morgantown and going to WVU. I was living with my boyfriend there. We were together for almost four years. He said some things and I felt like we just weren’t meant for each other. So, I made the hard decision of ending it in October. I moved to Florida in August and did the Disney college program. I ended up quitting after three months. The paycheck wasn’t enough for the cost of living and I was basically starving. I lost 75 pounds while there though. I met people who have made a huge impact in my life and left footprints on my heart. I will never forget them. When I left the program in October, I moved in with my paralyzed cousin, Billy. He had an accident almost 2 years ago. If I knew how much my family needed me here, I never would have gone to Florida. I take care of Billy’s daughters. They’re six and ten years old. When they go to their mother’s house I get the time to myself away from the girls, but I still have to stay at the house. Just in case Billy needs something during the night. Before I moved in, Billy’s mom, Brenda, was taking care of him and the girls. She was stressed out and couldn’t handle it. Now, she only has to worry about Billy.

I want to travel the world. I want to go to Paris. I want to fall in love, for real this time. I want to actually get over my ex and not think about him all the time. For now though, I don’t mind being with them. They make me smile and take my mind off of things when I’m having a bad day. They sure do know how to get under my skin though.

Someday, Billy will walk again. Since he can wiggle his toes, I know he will! When he can walk again, I can leave his house and do everything I want to do. Family comes first. Family is all you have when the world turns their back on you.


About mirandakays

Why does everyone insist that I act my age? I’m almost 21. I consider myself a nanny without the actual title because I live with my paralyzed cousin and take care of his girls when he has them. I think that’s the most grown up I can be right now. I want to experience life. I really do. Right now, God has another plan for me.

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